SuperOffice CRM testivoittaja

Best in test

SuperOffice PC World testivoittajana neljä kertaa peräkkäin

PC World Best in Test – 2014

“The user interface of SuperOffice is very good. It is simple, neat and clear. The interface is polished and the solution includes some great features which gives a unique feeling of working in SuperOffice.  With the eMarketing, Customer Service and the new Quote Management module which is included in the Professional edition, we are in no doubt that SuperOffice is best in test.”



PC World Best in Test – 2012

”SuperOffice is best at CRM. The unique user interface is extremely effective and well designed. Sales guides are powerful tool that guide you along the sales path and ensure you have every part of the process correct. Selections are a unique feature and give you excellent insight into your customer base. And these make SuperOffice our choice once again.”


PC World Best in Test – 2011

”SuperOffice is the winner again. This does not mean that other systems are inadequate, it simply means that SuperOffice is the best at the core CRM functionality”


PC World Best in Test – 2009

”When all is said and done, no-one beats SuperOffice at user-friendliness. The key thing here is that the program is so elegant that users will have no reason not to use it. If not all users follow up, the program will have difficulty in living up to its potential. SuperOffice makes the job efficient and tidy. And for this reason, SuperOffice is best in test.”


Strategia – käytön ja käyttöönoton helppous

SuperOffice kuvaa tuotekehitysfilosofiansa ja visionsa seuraavasti:
”Our vision is to deliver software solutions which positively influence the individual
user, by making their daily tasks more efficient, easier and fun the user
experience is by far the most important aspect of our development strategy,
less is more. Whenever we develop new software our main focus is to make it
as efficient and intuitive as possible by removing the amount of user interactions.”
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