Enterprise resource planning system for window, door and balcony sector

The WinPlan product family is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system developed for the needs of the window, door and balcony industry. The system is also used by companies manufacturing space sharing solutions. We offer you more than 35 years of in-depth industry knowledge. WinPlan ERP is the result of long-term product development work and the system is constantly being actively developed together with our customers. WinPlan ERP improves our customers' efficiency, productivity and profitability. With WinPlan, you can optimize operational functions and automate routines. This will give you more time for your core business and its development.

WinPlan ERP toiminnanohjausjärjestelmä

Comprehensive functionality

WinPlan software is modular and the required package can be configured according to the customer's needs. WinPlan handles e.g. quotation and order processing, product configuration, sales control, production control, materials management, logistics, shipping, invoicing, installation, reporting and orders to suppliers. You can find a more detailed description of the system on the demo page. You can also leave a contact request and we will contact you as soon as possible and tell you more.

Finnish market leader

WinPlan's ERP system is widely used in Finland and Sweden. In addition, WinPlan users can be found in Estonia, England and Russia. Our customers are small and medium-sized as well as large window and door manufacturers operating in several countries.

Our company's long history and in-depth industry expertise make us a partner who takes care of our customers now and in the future.


A comprehensive industry solution

WinPlan ERP is a comprehensive total window and door factory system from quotation to production, shipping and aftermarket. WinPlan includes all the special features required by the industry.

WinPlan includes e.g. cost and price-based quotation calculation, Pictorial quotations and order confirmations to the customer, quotation of quotation and order backlog, working papers, machine tool controls, inventory control, purchase orders, production serialization, factory load accounting, shipping, invoicing and installation management.

Flexible and scalable

WinPlan ERP is suitable for both small and large companies. The software is modular and you can purchase or rent subassemblies to suit your needs. WinPlan's role-based screens make the program easier to use.

With WinPlan you can manage e.g. product quotation, quotations and order confirmations, sales control, production control, load accounting, inventory management, purchase orders, shipping, installation, invoicing, reporting and orders to suppliers. WinPlan ERP can be expanded according to your needs.


Decision making based on real-time information

With WinPlan, you manage your company's order-supply chain efficiently and flexibly. With the help of production planning, you can shorten lead times and at the same time improve delivery speed and delivery reliability. Your information is in one place and you can easily make decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information. The comprehensive solution enables real-time communication across the entire value chain. You can also react quickly to changed situations as needed.

With load monitoring, you are constantly aware of the load on the production lines and can change the work order of the work if necessary. Up-to-date and proactive information on material needs helps to reduce the amount of working capital committed to the company.

A tool for professionals

WinPlan ERP is designed for professionals in the window and door industry. As a result of long development work, WinPlan includes an exceptionally wide range of features that will enhance your competitiveness be it your client’s home builder, renovator, house builder, housing association or construction industry.

Numerous revisions and clarity reduce human error. For example, when entering an offer, you will see an image of the product to be offered, with types, dimensions, profiles, manifolds, fittings, handrails, and accessories in their designated locations. The information added in the bidding phase is smoothly transferred through the system to production, invoicing and shipping operations.



In addition to Finland, WinPlan is used in several different countries. The language options are Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian and Russian. The user interface is used in the user's language and the customer's documents are printed in the customer's language. WinPlan ERP can be extended to an overseas subsidiary or individual vendor, in which case everyone uses the same system.

Export trade is also supported by the currency processing function and a versatile product structure, in which separate export products can also be stored.

Also check out the FuturaPlan ERP ERP system, which is suitable for many other industries.

WinPlan Lite - for mobile vendors

WinPlan Lite is a vendor's tool. Operation does not require an internet connection to the factory system. The transfer of finished orders to the factory system and the transfer of upgrades from the factory to the seller have been made easy.


  • Offline use
  • Update of price lists and product structures from the factory system
  • Transfer of orders to the factory
  • Location independence

WinPlan.Web - for end customers

The most significant parts of the building's façade are the windows and doors. In particular, the placement, design and lattice choices of the main façade and windows of the façade create a large part of the appearance of the house.

WinPlan.Web is a web-based sales and selection application for windows and doors. The app helps end customers in window and door choices, as well as salespeople to get to know and reach their customers better. In addition, it provides a centralized and effective way to target and track customer cases. For example, you can see how different grid choices affect the overall look of a house. In addition, with the help of WinPlan.Web, windows and doors can also be tested directly on the façade of your own house.

WinPlan.Web is a tool for generating new contacts for vendors cost-effectively 24 hours a day.

Industry expertise brings cost efficiency

Our company's strong industry expertise ensures a solution that suits our customers' needs and is cost-effective. We are well acquainted with the operating environment of the window and door factory and the implementation of the ERP system. Working with us is easy because we speak the same language as our customers. Tapestries, finger joints, smyzes, nail measures and lips are familiar terms to us.

We always take care of the installation of the system we supply and the training of the customer's responsible persons. During and after the deployment phase, our professional customer support will serve you with any questions related to your deployment

Our consulting and training services will be available after the deployment phase. We also implement customer-specific customizations for the system. Customizations are usually based on the special needs of the customer's business, for which solutions can be applied together to make operations more efficient.