Work planning and production control

Optimize production to achieve the best possible efficiency with FuturaPlan ERP system.


Efficient operations

FuturaPlan makes it possible to shorten production lead times and improve operational reliability. This increases efficiency and lowers costs. The time spent on manual work and design is reduced, and resources are freed up for the core business.

Benefits of the production module

The system gives you a clear overview of your production. Optimize your production while avoiding bottlenecks and capacity shortages. With the help of the production module, you combine the different stages of your production into one transparent entity.


Benefits for industrial companies:

  • More efficient use of capacity
  • Shorter lead times
  • More advanced reliability technology
  • Smarter integration of parts and assembly manufacturing
  • Automatic and intelligent inventory value management
  • Less imperfections and disturbances
  • Better relationship with subcontractors
  • Less need for overtime
  • Less need for leading design
  • More reliable and clearer information flow and transparency
FuturaPlan ERP

Production module functionalities

The system provides a comprehensive, clear and real-time summary of production. The system is constantly evolving and is suitable for use in all industries. Listed below are some of the versatile functionalities of the system. For us, all customers are partners, so we support you throughout the process, from configuration to full factory automation.



Visual and easy to use

  • Visual and easy-to-use production calendar for capacity management and tracking the progress of production phases
  • Placement of production batches on a “drag and drop” basis directly in the production calendar
  • The status of production batches is easily visible at a glance from the calendar view based on the colors of the batch status
  • Free editing and selection of modes
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Clarity makes planning easier

  • Automatic calculation of batch duration based on product data
  • Production scheduling based on material availability or storage capacity
  • Labor costing, resource-specific calendars, and shift patterns
  • Material and individual inventory balances and alarm limits

Work supervision automation

  • Stock balances and alarm limits
  • Creating working papers
  • An intelligent job queue search method
  • Work instructions and control of machine tools
  • Project management

Production optimization by serialization

Production production series can be easily created, for example, from orders for a certain delivery week by delimiting the products to be serialized, for example, by product group.

The series can then be sorted according to the desired criteria to optimize production. It is easy to select the products in the series from the list when the display shows the selected songs and units in total.

Integration and optimization of production and shipments

FuturaPlan provides a weekly view that allows you to plan loads leaving the factory. If necessary, the division of loads is done in two parts, the plan is created before production and the changed situation is updated at the dispatch center in the distribution planning. After the plan, the components going through production will receive e.g. a load number indicating the date of departure from the factory. This facilitates production management and monitoring at all user levels.


Production batch management

FuturaPlan ERP enables versatile production batch management. You are free to plan production batches on a daily and weekly basis, even for months to come.

Managing production batches is easy with a production calendar that visualizes the whole. Placing production batches at the desired time is easy by moving the batch to the desired location with the mouse. The batch duration is automatically calculated based on the product information, but you can also change the duration by moving the start and end time with the mouse.

The content of an individual production batch illustrates, for example, which orders or parts of an order the batch consists of. In addition, the load of the production batch is clearly shown in the same view. The load can be monitored even on the basis of the working hours of different product types and workstations. The appropriate batch size and contents are easy to determine based on the load.

Intelligent job queue control

Orders and production series can be exported to the so-called. to the job queue. The job queue gives an illustrative view of the situation of an order or series in the factory production chain.

Job queues work with the search method. Using the search criteria, the components that can be flexibly manufactured can be retrieved for the display. Examples of searches could be, for example, “Get all melamine parts to be sawn today” or “Get all components of load 1605501 that are not yet ready at the dispatch center”.


Information in the right place, at the right time

Various working papers can be printed from the retrieved components, the display can be used as such as an electronic work queue, or the components can be directed to a machine tool. It is also possible to create batches, so that the completion of the batch and, for example, the employee's efficiency can be monitored. In addition, visual displays can be defined for production, showing, for example, the day's production goals and their fulfillment. The dealer can also be given the opportunity to monitor the progress of production.

Production monitoring

Production consisting of many production lines can be managed with the help of status monitoring so that the end products are in the right load at the right time.

Bar code reading can be used from the beginning of production to installation, giving a real-time view of the production status at any stage of the supply chain.

Fully customizable workstations, lines and facilities enable the correct use of status monitoring in both production and transmission, taking into account the customer's needs.


Work instructions and control of machine tools

Work instructions can be added to the product structure, which are displayed electronically on the production line when the part arrives, for example, at the assembly point. Work instructions can also be customized line by line for the production of special products.

It is possible to control the machine tools as subroutine calls or the program can be stored in the product structure as in the work instructions when making special parts.

Factory load

Production control allows you to view the production load by line workstation. The load shows the load on the different production lines of the factory with the help of clear graphics. The load can be viewed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

By monitoring the load, production can also be equalized by moving production to another line or to another time. The capacity calendar can be used to record deviations from normal weekly rhythms, in which case this is also taken into account in the factory load.


We are at your service

Our company's strong industry expertise ensures a solution that suits our customers' needs and is cost-effective. We are well acquainted with the operating environment of an SME and the challenges of implementing an ERP system. We feel successful when our solutions help our customers manage and streamline their business.