Transportation management

The freight management module enables comprehensive freight planning and monitoring.


Flexible and versatile

The system allows you to search for orders using different search criteria and you can create shipments directly based on order information. The transmission module also allows you to enter additional lines.

Gap management

The system allows you to manage unsent and partially undelivered orders. With the order submission module, you will never forget to send part deliveries. Late orders will appear first in the list of orders to be sent, if desired. If necessary, partial deliveries can also be made. The shipment also controls the defects, ie the desired products can be left for post-delivery.

Reporting and printouts

In connection with the shipment, the consignment note and the consignment note and consignment note can be printed easily. The volumes and weights of the packages are automatically entered in the consignment note.

Cargo optimization

One example of cargo optimization is sending orders using a barcode reader. In this case, the packages to be loaded are read into the load on the basis of the bar code. The reader warns if an attempt is made to load packages that do not belong to the load. This reduces human error. The status of the order automatically changes to shipped when all packages are loaded.

Unloading is also possible using a barcode reader. In this case, the packages to be unloaded are read from the load on the basis of the bar code. This ensures that the load is completely unloaded at the correct destination.


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