Purchase orders

The system automatically generates purchase order proposals for sales orders or stock items based on a adequacy review.

Supplier and item lists, as well as order and price histories, allow suppliers to compete, thus reducing variable costs and ensuring the competitiveness of the products sold.


Release committed capital

Inventory size and value can be optimized by utilizing order-driven purchase orders. In this case, order proposals for the desired items are formed for the subcontractor only on the basis of sales orders.

Automate purchases

Purchases can be automated by accepting the generated order proposal and sending it electronically to the supplier's information system. If desired, purchase orders can be sent to suppliers in the manner specified for each supplier, for example a PDF document, a CSV or XML file or even e-mail.


Order and warehouse controllability

For order-driven items, the system automatically creates purchase order suggestions if desired. Purchase orders can be created for items that relate either directly to a specific sales order or to inventory provisions calculated on the basis of sales orders.

Purchase order suggestions are automatically updated as the order changes as long as no purchase orders have been sent to the vendor. Purchase orders can also be placed manually by saving purchase order information manually. The system can also mark a purchase order as received and check purchase invoices.

Items in stock are ordered with stock-controlled purchase orders. Order proposals are formed on the basis of a stock adequacy review. If additional items have been ordered, the adequacy review will also take into account their impact on the inventory situation.

Common interface

For example, electronic data interchange (EDI) between organizations can also be used for data transmission. The unified interface allows automatic purchases from as many suppliers as possible at the lowest possible cost. It is also possible to make supplier-specific solutions.


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