Product management

What if you could manage 100 general-purpose parts instead of 10,000? DB-Manager's innovative product management system makes the impossible possible. Intelligent and flexible product structure management streamlines your business and reduces design time.


Agility with product structures

The Product Information module provides a flexible way to create product structures. The parts of the product can be made general-purpose, in which case, for example, the same frame, shelf or wall structure can be used in all products, regardless of dimensions and materials.

The structure reduces the number of parts and makes it easier to maintain product structures. Changes can only be made centrally for one component. For example, the management of special-sized products is flexible without separate product structures.

Intelligent product designs

The products can be formed from general-purpose parts, the properties of which can change if desired, for example on the basis of external dimensions, internal dimensions or other parameters.

For example, the number of sides of a ladder could be determined by the height of the ladder, in which case one intelligent product structure could replace even hundreds of product structures.

Utilizing smart parts makes it easy to model even more complex products. A good example of a dynamic structure could be a box assembly where height and width affect the components selected and which can be difficult to model with a traditional product configurator.

The box can also contain information about the dimensions of the dimensions and warn if you try to place it in a frame that is too small. Correspondingly, the puller can have information on the depth of the screw hole, in which case the longest possible puller screw can always be calculated on the basis of the door thickness and depth information.


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