Pricing functions

Pricing of products and items can be done on both a cost and price list basis. Pricing can utilize several different price lists and the cost and recommended price calculated by the program.


Comprehensive functionalities

  • Purchase and sale price lists
  • Multiple simultaneous price lists
  • Supplier-specific purchase price lists
  • Customer-specific sales price lists
  • Dealer-specific purchase terms percentages
  • Product group-specific discount percentages
  • Cost and recommended prices
  • Material-based pricing
  • Price group pricing
  • Free selection of additional product features that will affect the price
  • Export of price lists to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Integration of price lists into financial management systems, planning tools, and many other external systems

Purchase and sale price lists

Several simultaneous price lists enable, among other things, supplier-specific purchase price lists and customer-specific sales price lists. For example, dealer-specific purchase condition percentages are possible. In addition to the default discount percentage, the reseller may also have product group-specific discount percentages.

New price lists can be conveniently created on the basis of the old price list, for example by a percentage increase. The pricing module calculates the cost and recommended prices of the products, making it easier to determine the desired selling price.


Material pricing

In addition to the basic price, a material-based price can be given for the product. For example, in frame pricing, this significantly reduces the number of items required without compromising clarity and pricing options.

Price groups

Price group pricing creates price groups based on size, so that, for example, door pricing can be done centrally. This makes it especially easy to edit price lists. Additional price-influencing features can be added to the price group. This can be utilized, for example, in the case of doors, for the pricing of opening doors. In this case, different prices are obtained for closed, lattice and glass doors without tripling the number of items.


FuturaPlan integrated value-added solutions

All price lists can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for editing. In this case, all the features of the spreadsheet are used.

FuturaPlan's ERP system can be combined with the most common financial management systems.

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