Quotation calculation and order processing

FuturaPlan's bid calculation significantly speeds up and simplifies the submission of even complex bids, thus streamlining sales work. With the solution, you can create cost estimates, bid calculations and target estimates easily and efficiently.


Immediate bid calculation

Bid calculation brings speed and accuracy to calculating bids and project costs. The cost is clearly known and the offer immediately shows the cost structure.

Automatic and flexible

FuturaPlan ERP enables both price list and cost-based quotation calculation. Prices can also be entered manually and various discounts can be given in a variety of ways. Product group-specific margin percentages and hourly rates per work step are also possible. You can create your own price lists for special customers.

Efficient and versatile order entry

The FuturaPlan ERP user interface has been designed to combine good usability with efficient work. For example, entering order lines is quick and efficient because the program filters the product menu while typing the product name.

Product customization at the ordering stage

Order processing allows you to “blow up” the order line, ie view and edit the structure in detail.

For example, various parameters of products such as dimensions and numbers can be changed, and individual components can be added and removed. The effects on sales and cost price are seen immediately.


At your service

Our company's strong industry expertise ensures a solution that suits our customers' needs and is cost-effective. We are well acquainted with the operating environment of an SME and the challenges of implementing an ERP system. We feel successful when our solutions help our customers manage and streamline their business.