Inventory management

Inventory management module streamlines many supply chain-focused processes that include improving manufacturing, warehouse inventory accuracy and asset tracking.

The module enables automation of several manufacturing and inventory related issues and helps optimize strategic portions of the supply chain. The focus is on streamlining processes and saving time.

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Inventory management module benefits

  • Reducing costs
  • Saving space
  • Improving employee efficiency
  • Improved delivery accuracy
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Reduction of collection errors
  • Optimized inventory turnover
  • Accurate balance accuracy
  • Automatic and clear traceability of goods
  • On-the-job learning time is shortened
  • Automatic and intelligent control
  • Real-time data for day-to-day management

Inventory management module functionalities

  • Warehouse and order-driven
  • Automatic stock reservations
  • Automatic supplier-specific purchase orders for order-driven materials and products
  • Intelligent and customizable minimum storage stock logic
  • Inventory control
  • Real-time inventory value by inventory, storage location, or even a specific item group
  • Flexible integration between automatic and manual warehouse functions
  • Inventory
  • Possibility of electronic cargo documents
  • Possibility to take advantage of a barcode reader
  • Product inquiry
  • Automatic, intelligent and versatile definition of purchase order logic with purchase order scripts.

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