Integration and value-added solutions

FuturaPlan enables seamless integration through interfaces.


Fusion integration

Fusion integration provides a seamless solution for combining 2020 Fusion 3D design software and FuturaPlan ERP system. It allows you to import product and item information from Fusion into the ERP system and update prices back to Fusion catalogs.

Catalog integration

Orders are imported from Fusion into the ERP system directly without manual data copying. Thanks to product and item integration, the ERP system brings the right structure, materials and working hours to the line product. The line-level list prices obtained from Fusion are retained and can be compared to the calculated cost price to ensure the correct margin.

Import Fusion orders

The creation of product and item information begins by importing all Fusion products and items (pulls, doors, levels, etc.) from the Fusion list into the product information. This greatly simplifies the workload of deployment. Catalog integration allows price lists to be updated from FuturaPlan ERP to Fusion catalogs, allowing you to manage your sales price list centrally.

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