Flexible Enterprise Resource Planning

FuturaPlan enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has been developed in cooperation with SMEs to serve companies in industry, trade and services. Our customers have especially praised the system's easy adaptability to company-specific needs.

FuturaPlan ERP

Some of the core features


Offer accurately

Quotation calculation speeds up and simplifies even complex bidding significantly and increase the efficiency of sales work.


Manage pricing

Bid freely or let the system do the bidding automatically at a calculated cost and recommended price.


Buy right

Material purchases can be made in a warehouse or order-driven manner. Receipt of received goods updates item inventory balances and cost of goods.


Manufacture effectively

Optimize production for best efficiency with electronic work queues and an efficient tracking system.


Store wisely

Inventory management module streamlines many supply chain-focused processes that include improving manufacturing, warehouse inventory accuracy and asset tracking.


Transport on time

Reduce transportation complexity, optimize logistics and improve services by increasing visibility and control. Manage the flow of materials effortlessly.

Maintain structures

What if you could manage 100 general-purpose parts and products instead of 10,000? With FuturaPlan, you can create flexible product structures.


Productively into production

Versatile value-added solutions enable seamless flow of information between different systems.


Report success

The system's real-time reporting and versatile visualization functions help you make quick decisions, react in time to changes and focus on the essentials.

At your service

Our company's strong industry expertise ensures a solution that suits our customers' needs and is cost-effective. We are well acquainted with the operating environment of an SME and the challenges of implementing an ERP system. We feel successful when our solutions help our customers manage and streamline their business.