Fusion Introduction

A professional salesperson’s tool

Everyone is calling for efficiency – with Fusion, impressive kitchen plans and pricing are produced in no time at all. So your salespeople are left with ample time to concentrate on business and meeting and serving customers.

Fusion produces quotations and order confirmations, transfers orders to the factory, produces door lists and materials orders to vendors, and manages almost all of the paperwork involved in a cabinet order.

Easy to use


Salespeople learn quickly how to make a complete plan while sitting with the customer at the coffee table. Clear instructions and a helpful customer support assist when problems arise.

Initializing Fusion for use takes very little time. The lists of cabinetry, appliances and other supplies that are compiled during the initialization phase make planning easy.

High-quality designs


The completed plans look like genuine photographs. The genuine surface materials and lighting with reflections and shadowing create an illusion of reality.

Plans come alive with furniture and other interior design elements. You can also use some common types of ceramic tile and wallpaper prints.

Committed customers


With Fusion, you can usher the customer into her new kitchen already during the planning phase. You can rotate the plan and evaluate it from different perspectives.

You can effortlessly send the pictures and virtual package to the customer via email. Then the customer can evaluate the plans at home with her family.

Continuous product development


Fusion’s worldwide network is continually creating new feature for Fusion. A new software version is released once a year. A software update is automatically sent to all our customers having support agreement valid.

The Fusion network is comprised of the leader in the field, 20-20 Technologies, Inc. of Canada, its European subsidiary, and Fusion distributors and users all over the globe.

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