Price, order and report

Fusion Sales enables a wide range of pricing, ordering and reporting functions.

Bid calculation brings speed and accuracy to calculating bids and project costs. The costs are known and the offer quickly shows where the price is made up. This allows you to submit more bids in the same amount of time than with traditional methods. Usually, a small part of the bids lead to the order, so it must be possible to calculate the bids efficiently. The faster, easier and more error-free the offer is, the more work the company generates.


Price, order and report

Products can be priced in three different ways: per group,
by type or individually. Each pricing line can be
gives the desired percentage of margin and discount. Our comprehensive range includes the reports you need. Reports are editable and can be saved in Word, Excel and PDF formats.

Electronic orders and integrations

Our constantly evolving e-ordering network enables effortless and automatic ordering of products directly from suppliers.

It is possible to transfer the completed order securely directly to FuturaPlan ERP system. The integration enables two-way communication, so that the seller is also informed about the progress of the order in production.