Window and door factory enterprise resource planning system


WinPlan optimizes a company’s activities, reduces human error and improves management of the flow of materials. Your company is left with more time to devote to running and developing its core business activities.

With WinPlan you can perform calculations, produce illustrated quotations and order confirmations for customers, and manage production, logistics, shipping, invoicing, reporting and orders to vendors.

  • Finnish market leader
  • Easy to use
  • Logical
  • Scalable
  • Comprehensive system
  • International

WinPlan – a secure choice

DB-Manager Oy has been developing window and door factory software solutions since 1984.

WinPlan and DB-Manager Oy are a secure choice when you are seeking sound solutions for the future of your company, as our long-term customers and our 25-year partnership with them attest.

WinPlan Lite

WinPlan Lite enables salespeople to work where there are quotations to calculate and deals to clinch, such as at the customer’s coffee table.


WinPlan.Web is a tool that creates new contacts for salespeople cost-efficiently 24 hours a day.