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Production Control and Work Planning

The Production Control module can help optimize the efficiency of a factory to the maximum. Production Control includes such tools for e.g. workpaper creation, serialization, factory workload control and production queue management.


Workpapers include reports that are common to factory production such as cutting lists, part lists, collection lists and pre-purchase lists.

Factory Workload

Production control makes it possible to check production load by group. It is possible to get an overview of workload on different production lines in the form of easy graphical representation. Workload can be checked on day, week or month levels.


Production series can be created from orders of a known week period by limiting serializable products, e.g. by product group. The resulting material is sorted according to the desired criterion. It is easy to choose products that will form a series from the list, since product amounts and units are also visible on the screen.

Production Queue

Production control also allows putting orders and production series to a production queue. Production queue gives the user a quick and handy overview of order’s or series’ status in the factory production chain.


User can acknowledge a series’ or product’s material as ordered or partially received. Work phase is acknowledged when it is started, interrupted or completed. In addition, it is possible to acknowledge and monitor completed products.