Stock Management

Stock management serves sales, purchases and production. When necessary information for sales, purchases and production are available, it is possible to correctly balance stock, services and reliable deliveries. Material purchases can be based on either Make-to-Order or Make-to-Stock production policies. FuturaPlan helps to optimize stock balances to ensure reliable deliveries and good level of services. Stock items contain a lot of basic information like price unit, purchase price, calculation unit, unit ratio, acquisition time and waste percentage.


Calculating material needs creates stock reservations for items with Make-to-Stock production policy. Reservation date is calculated based on the item specific acquisition time and the delivery date of the order.


Calculating material needs creates supplier specific purchase orders for items with Make-to-Order production policy. Purchase orders are automatically updated, as long as the purchase orders remain in open state.

Stock Balance Analytics

In the stock balance analytics it is possible to see a weekly balance for each item. The weekly balance takes account of stock reservations and purchase orders for the item. FuturaPlan shows when items balance goes below order threshold and when balance goes below warning threshold.

Stock Value and Inventory

It is easy to see the current stock value of certain stock or group of items. In addition to automatic stock operations it is possible to change stock balances manually.