Versatile and real time reporting supports decision making and helps to focus on the essentials. Making changes to the contents of reports is easy and fast. You can easily save reports directly to PDF, Word and Excel formats and send them to preferred email recipient. Users can also place their favorite reports to the places of their choice in the FuturaPlan.

Report Examples


  • Order book
  • Sales

Work Planning and Production

  • Product and structure
  • List of doors
  • List of parts
  • Cutting lists
  • Collection lists
  • Pre-purchase list
  • Construction instructions
  • Product and parcel labels

Order and Offer

  • Order
  • Order verification
  • Completed orders
  • Price lists
  • Packing list
  • Waybill
  • Dispatch list

Other Examples

  • Material lists
  • Product lists
  • Installation details
  • Inventory lists
  • Stock lists
  • Customized favorite reports