Purchase Orders

Purchase orders for sales orders are automatically created by the Purchase order module. It is also possible to make purchase orders for stock items manually from the Stock Manager module. Supplier specific stock item lists and history of orders and prices enable the bid tendering of suppliers. This gives a possibility to lower or at least ensure the competitiveness of variable costs.

Make-to-Order Purchase Orders

The value and size of a stock can be minimized by using make-to-order purchase orders. A purchase order draft for a supplier is created when a sales order containing items with make-to-order production policy is entered to the FuturaPlan.

Make-to-Stock Purchase Orders

Stock items with make-to-stock production policy are ordered from the Stock Manager module.

Automation of Purchases

Purchases can be automated by accepting the purchase order draft and sending it online to the suppliers system. For example, an inter organization transmission EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) can be used to deliver the purchase order data to a supplier. Unified interface (EDI) makes it possible to purchase items from several suppliers with minimal costs. Automated purchase orders can be customized for each supplier separately if necessary.