Pricing Functions

Pricing module is place for product and article price definitions. There is possible to use multiple pricelists for purchases and selling. FuturaPlan calculates cost price and recommended price based on purchase prices and other parameters.

Purchase and Selling Pricelists

It is possible to use multiple simultaneous pricelists. This make it possible to have purchase pricelist for every supplier and different selling pricelists for key customers. New pricelists can be created from older ones by copying and adding for example percentage increase. FuturaPlan calculates cost and recommended price for products. This way it is easier to define selling pricelist price.

Material Pricing

In addition to base price of product there is possible to give material based price. This make it possible to have less product codes when pricing is based on eg. frame pricing. Price of certain product can consists of base price and material price which is dependent on sales person choices during order processing.

Price Groups

Price group based pricing allow you to create price groups for similar items. With one size based price group it is possible to handle big amount of similar item prices. This works very well for doors where every door model have own code but similar size option. There can be one price group for all door models without defining single price for every door.

Excel Integration

All price lists can exported to Microsoft Excel for editing purposes. Excel export/import feature is very useful with mass changes when you have all spreadsheet calculation and editing features available.