Offer Calculation and Order Processing

Offer Calculation module offers a fast and powerful way to calculate needs and costs for both consumer and project entities. Order import from Fusion is a breeze due to integration and does not require any manual data copying. Among other things the module shows you cost, price and margin for any order.

Order Import

Orders get imported to order processing from Fusion Sales software. For every Fusion product, which is integrated with the ERP system, it is possible to calculate its cost.

Efficient Order Input

The user interface is specifically designed for efficient and fast work, where user experience is of great importance. Inputting order rows is done using a spreadsheet-like component that, among other things, filters the list of products as you type.

Product Structure Details

The order processing module makes it possible to dive into smallest details of the product structure and allows for fine-tuning the tiniest aspects of a product. Among other things, you can edit dimensions and amounts or add or remove components in the product structure. Changes you make to the structure are immediately reflected by the cost and price of the product.