Fusion Integration

This module provides a fluid solution to integrate Fusion 3D planning software and FuturaPlan. You can import products and articles from Fusion to FuturaPlan and update the prices back to Fusion catalogues.

Catalogue Integration

Creating products and articles is started by importing all Fusion products and articles (handles, doors, planes etc.) from Fusion catalogue to FuturaPlan. This will significantly lower the initial amount of work. Catalogue integration makes it possible to update the prices from FuturaPlan to the Fusion catalogue.

Creating Fusion Orders

Online transfer of orders from Fusion to FuturaPlan is supported; there is no need for manual work. With the help of the product and article integration, FuturaPlan creates correct structure, materials and work times for each Fusion item. The Fusion catalogue prices are saved and you can compare them to the calculated cost price to ensure the correct profit margin.

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