Fusion Sales – Take Control of Your Pricing

Fusion Sales provides the user with exceptionally flexible pricing, product ordering and reporting mechanisms. The software fits every company that uses Fusion.

Seamless Integration with FuturaPlan ERP

Fusion Sales is a stand-alone software product. However it seamlessly integrates into the FuturaPlan ERP. With the help of Fusion Sales you can transfer your orders to FuturaPlan ERP within a moment.

Take Control of Your Pricing


Products can be priced using three different strategies: by group, by type or individually. Each pricing row can be given its own target margin and discount percentage.

Advanced Reporting


Reports are editable and they can be exported to Word, Excel and PDF formats.

Benefits of Versatile Pricing

  • Placing products into desired pricing groups
  • Joining several orders into a single union order
  • Giving discounts to individual products, product groups or to whole order (e.g. campaign cases)

Benefits of Advanced Reporting

  • Offer with or without row prices
  • Union offer with a single total price or prices per room
  • Report defaults

Fusion Integration


All design data is transferred from Fusion to Fusion Sales easily. The design can also be updated with a new version, in which case the older version will be still available for future reference. Several orders can be grouped into a single union order.

FuturaPlan Integration


Ready orders can be easily transferred to the FuturaPlan ERP system. Integration enabled two-way communication thus giving the seller an opportunity to monitor the order progress.