Streamline marketing and sales

Marketing automation streamlines marketing and sales efforts and improves the customer experience. You can automate time-consuming routines and target personalized communications with their content at just the right time. With marketing automation, you can create a customized, high-performance marketing engine for your products and services.

  • Sales get more and better leads when leads are automatically taken care of in the buying process.
  • Doing marketing is more effective when routine tasks are handled automatically.
  • The sales process and the repatriation of the store will be accelerated as your business stays in the minds of your leads.
  • The marketing and sales process must be predictable when the effectiveness of marketing can be accurately measured.
Markkinoinnin automaatio auttaa tekemään tulosta

Marketing automation

Marketing automation helps to identify and reach the customer who is planning to buy. With marketing automation, you can streamline your operations by reducing time-consuming routines. It also allows for precise timing of communication and personalization of content. Marketing automation improves the customer experience. The client gets help at the right time with the right topic and avoids annoying cold calls.

Email marketing and newsletters

Newsletters enable marketing automation effortlessly. Creating eye-catching newsletters is quick and easy - you can easily give your newsletters the look of your business and product or service. With email marketing, you can effectively improve your business image as well as keep in touch with your important stakeholders.


Effective event management

With eMarketeer, you can manage events efficiently. Event invitations and other communication are easily handled by emails and text messages. You can receive registrations automatically using online forms. Communication can be personalized and all information is done on an individual basis. You can only resend to those people who didn't respond to your first call. All communication related to the events and the reception of registrations takes place automatically so that you can focus on organizing the event yourself. You can also take advantage of ready-made invitation templates or make your own templates.

Creating online forms is easy

Creating online forms is quick and easy. Take advantage of ready-made templates or create your own templates. Forms can also be pre-filled and anonymous. Pre-filled forms can improve the response rate to your survey, and anonymous surveys can be used, for example, to survey staff satisfaction.

You can even embed online forms on your own website. This allows your customers to easily submit a contact request, a request for quotation or even subscribe to a newsletter on the website. You can also provide brochures or guides for download on your website so you can easily collect leads. eMarketeer generates html code from web forms, which you can then easily copy to your website.




Website visitor tracking

You can keep track of what your customers and prospects are up to on your website. You can see which pages the visitor visited, what actions he took and how long he stayed on the different pages. Tracking allows you to provide your site visitors with content that interests them. By tracking your potential customer’s website visits, you will learn to better understand your customer even before the meeting. Prospects are more satisfied when you provide them with interesting content at different stages of the buying process.

The phone app enhances your marketing

You can easily create your own smartphone applications without any programming skills. The possibilities for mobile applications are limitless. Typical applications are related to events, product information, offers and customer service. The apps allow you to stay in touch with your customers.

You can easily share the app you made via email or text message without the app store approval process. Smartphone applications made with eMarketeer are browser-based and thus platform-independent, i.e. they work on Android, Iphone and Windows phones. Applications can also be fully personalized.

Personalized text messages are effective

Text messaging is more personal than email and allows you to reach your contacts almost anywhere in the world. Text messages are a great way to send reminders about upcoming events, tasks, or other noteworthy things, for example. Text messages can also increase interest in an upcoming event or gather simple feedback after an event. The sending of text messages can also take place automatically, on a scheduled basis or based on a specific activity performed by the customer or the prospectus.

The security of e-mail delivery is top notch

Email delivery security is better than most marketing automation tools and email marketing programs.

eMarketeer supports e-mail authentication and authentication methods (DKIM, SPF and DMARC). Authentication increases reliability and improves the delivery of your messages.

You can protect yourself from abuse and phishing by preventing others from using your domain name as an address and pretending to be you.

Your reputation as an email sender will improve and you will pass better spam filters. Even SpamAssassin will thumb your messages and will give your emails a full 10/10 points.


SuperOffice CRM integration

All data on leads can be sent automatically to your SuperOffice CRM. With the unique interaction timeline added to your SuperOffice CRM, every action your leads take on your content is listed chronologically.

Not only can you follow your leads’ digital footprints, but you’re also updated on what social platforms they use, their interests and when they first interacted with you.

As soon as a prospect (a contact you do not yet have in SuperOffice) engages in your content, the new contact is listed in the leads report as a notification, task or sales activity. You are constantly kept up-to-date. Less guessing – more selling.

Take over Facebook marketing

You can create Facebook pages easily and quickly. You can publish the page directly to Facebook. You can also publish your page to your Facebook timeline and collect likes and comments.